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Akemi TAKEOKAAssociate~2019.12

In December, 2019, after two years of fighting against cancer, she passed away while working as a patent attorney.
We might accordingly have to remove her introduction page from our website. However,
we would not like to remove her page.
We will never forget her dedicated attitude to work. She devoted her life as a patent attorney until the very end without expressing any pressure of her disease, with commuting long way to our office every day, during her fight.
We would like to keep this page for a while with our feeling of gratitude to her and all the clients.

※ Supplementary note of specific infringement lawsuit counsel (2014)

Gifu Pharmaceutical University (Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Welfare and Pharmacy, 1982)
Toray Industries, Inc. and Toray Research Center, Inc. - mainly engaged in testing and research of chemical substance safety for 10 years
Area of Practice
Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, metallic materials, and microbes
Akemi TAKEOKA started working in the Intellectual Property field in 1992, and passed the patent attorney examination in 2002. She worked for a patent attorneys office for 13 years before joining U'sfi Patent Attorneys International Office in 2005.
"A patent attorney's principle duty is to establish broad, strong intellectual property rights for inventions created by inventors, as well as to protect such inventions. I enjoy the process of creation (application) and protection (responding to the Japanese Patent Office) in order to obtain patents, which people regard as cumbersome and tend to avoid, together with inventors and corporate personnel in charge of intellectual properties. I endeavor to improve my professional abilities each day so that I may fully contribute to the process. Through actual business activities, I aim to provide clients with "real-life wisdom" that cannot be learned from provisions of laws, regulations and examination standards."