U'sfi Patent Attorneys International Office


Yukari SHIBATAAssociate

Kobe University (Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, 1981)
Nitto Denko Corporation - mainly engaged in R&D of adhesives for 6 years
Area of Practice
Polymer materials, fibers, and organic chemistry
Yukari SHIBATA started working in the Intellectual Property field in 1991, and passed the patent attorney examination in 2006. She worked for a patent attorneys office for 13 years before becoming a founding member of U'sfi Patent Attorneys International Office in 2004.
"I studied polymers in university about 20 years ago and, after gaining some experience, I entered the patent industry. I majored in polymer-based products, such as adhesives, film, and fibers, but I am also ready to take on other fields including chemicals other than polymers, and materials such as metals."