U'sfi Patent Attorneys International Office


Kazuhiro OTA

Yamaguchi University(Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Chemical , 1981)
Kyushu University(Master of Engineering Sciences,Material Development Engineering , 1984)
Sanyo Electric Co.,Ltd.(presently, Panasonic Corporation) - mainly engaged in research and development of rechargeable batteries for 7 years.
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (presently, Panasonic Corporation) - mainly engaged in research and development of EV/HEV batteries for 18 years.
Japan Patent Office -engaged in the examination mainly of battery fields for 5 years.
Area of Practice
Inorganic chemistry, metallic materials , machine device and chemical processes
Kazuhiro OTA started working in the Intellectual Property field in 2009 , and passed the patent attorney examination in 2015. He worked for a Japan Patent Office for 5 years before joining U’sfi Patent Attorneys International Office in 2014.
"I consider that I deserve "property" with "the intellectual property" literally. I feel that the possibility is hidden in it as if "One small seed" can grow up to "Beautiful flowers", and it will be realized by applying an patent application strategy and correspondence for obtaining patent rights accurately. Keeping in mind the communication with clients on a daily basis, emphasizing the opinion of inventors too, I will practice real support with makes full use of development experiences and patent examination experiences that have accumulated so far in companies or Japan Patent Office."