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写真:菅河 忠志

Warren M. Cheek(Consulting attorney(US))

University of Florida (Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, 1979)
University of Florida (Juris Doctor, 1983)
Johns Hopkins University (Masters of Science in Biotechnology, 1997)
University of Florida College of Medicine (Post-Graduate research in Pharmacology, 1980)
Litigation in U.S. and Florida courts (1984-1988)
Area of Practice
Pharmaceuticals, microorganisms, biotechnology, organic chemistry, and chemical compositions
Warren M. CHEEK began working in the Intellectual Property field in 1988 as an associate patent attorney for Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack LLP. He was made a partner of Wenderoth in 1994 and is now the senior patent attorney for the Chemical and Biotechnology patent group of Wenderoth.
“I am excited that U’sfi and Wenderoth are embarking on a new closer relationship in 2017.
Our new relationship is designed to establish excellent communication between our offices.
Good communication between Japanese and US patent attorneys is essential to obtain strong patent protection for a company’s inventions at a reasonable cost and in a reasonable time.
I personally believe that your company will profit from the closer relationship between U’sfi and Wenderoth. ”