U'sfi Patent Attorneys International OfficeIn Osaka/Japan, We have specialists in range fields of chemicals / materials, Machine devices, medical, daily necessities and electric fields etc.



  • Mar.  1972  Kyuichi Ueki established Ueki Patent Attorneys Office.
  • Oct.  1974  relocated the office to Dojima for business expansion.
  • Apr.  1996  merged with other patent attorneys office.
  • May.  2004  established U'sfi Patent Attorneys International Office at Dojima.
  • Aug.  2018  incorporated as patent professional corporation.


We comprehensively support our clients' intellectual property strategies related to Patents, Utility Models, Designs- i.e. filing Patent applications, obtaining, maintaining and execution of Patent rights. We provide services for all of the tasks such as Patent Research, Expert Opinion, Opposition Proceedings, Correction Trials, Invalidation Trials and other trial operations and litigation, and consulting services related to these operations.


patent attorneys/legal advisor : 9 people(*)
all members :   34 people(*)
(* as of May. 2019)


U’sfi Patent Attorneys International Office
Fujita-Toyobo Bldg., 9th Floor. 1-16, Dojima 2-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0003, Japan
TEL:06-6341-3431    FAX:06-6341-6131

  • Office building appearanceOffice building appearance
    There is an office on the top floor of the right building.
    It is a good location in central Osaka.
  • Office entrancebookshelf
    We back client up based on the current professional information and knowledge.
  • Booths for patent practitionerBooths for patent practitioner
    We have a large work space.
    It is a non-smoking and clean environment.
  • The first meeting roomThe first meeting room
    We also correspond to remote conferences using TV monitors.