U'sfi Patent Attorneys International Office


写真:菅河 忠志

Tadashi SUGAWAVice President

※ Supplementary note of specific infringement lawsuit counsel (2006)

Osaka University (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, 1989)
Osaka University (Master of Science, Organic Chemistry, 1991)
Kaneka Corporation - mainly engaged in the synthetic organic chemistry for 6 years
Area of Practice
Organic chemistry, polymer materials, metallic materials, environmental chemistry, chemical processes, pharmaceuticals, and display devices.
Tadashi SUGAWA started working in the Intellectual Property field in 1998, and passed the patent attorney examination in 1999. He worked for a patent attorneys office for 6 years before becoming a co-founder of U'sfi Patent Attorneys International Office in 2004.
"I am excited to keep in touch with cutting-edge technologies in various fields. I always strive to protect broad and strong rights for the superior inventions our clients propose. I believe it is a basic but important procedure to grasp the essence of the invention accurately, and to carefully study how the invention sets itself apart from conventional technologies. I would like to enhance my skills in performing the basic procedures, and keep up with the trends of the times through various juridical decisions, appeal decisions and criteria for examinations."