U'sfi Patent Attorneys International Office


Kanae OTA

Utsunomiya University (Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering , 2006)
Tohoku University (Master of Engineering, Quantum Science and Energy Engineering , 2012)
Area of Practice
Machine devices, medical devices, control devices, electronic devices, daily necessities
Kanae Ota started working in the Intellectual Property field with joining U’sfi Patent Attorneys International Office in 2013 , and passed the patent attorney examination in 2019. She worked in the Energy industry field about for 7 years before joining U’sfi Patent Attorneys International Office.
"My expertise concerns all stages of patent including counsel on creation and discovery of invention, patent researches, preparation and prosecution of Japan and foreign patent applications, and response to third-party patents. My primary focus is on acquisition of valuable patent right to contribute to client business. My approach is to understand the essence of the invention in close communication with clients and to support clients in every way. I leverage my strength of carefully considering appropriate measures in order to find solutions for clients in terms of both laws and distinction from prior art even when clients have difficulties in acquiring patent right."